Can You Believe These U.S. Presidents Were This Hot Once?

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What comes to mind when you hear the words U.S. President? Old, serious-looking person with authoritative gaze and bearded face? Can't blame you there! Most U.S. Presidents have them all! But, would you believe that they're not like that in their younger

Crazy Celebrity Tweets: A Window to their Souls..?

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Twitter has brought celebrities within our reach as we read and interact with them. However disturbing some of their revelations may be; we begin to look at them differently now and simply laugh it all off. We begin to realize they are very human and some

12 Stunning Photos Of The World's Most Famous People You Haven't Seen Before

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You have well-known these people for many years but these pictures may seem totally new to you.

Look, These 15 Cute Child Stars Grew Up to Be Unbelievable Hot Women

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Who would have thought that child stars could grow up and become this hot?

These 15 Historical Photos Reveal A Side Of Famous Figures That You've Never Seen Before

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The camera gives as a chance to see frames and fragments of the old days. The celebrities here took pictures when they had no idea how awesome they will be 100 years after.

20 Of The Hottest Vixens Ever Seen On Hip-Hop Music Videos

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If you're a hip-hop music fan, then these girls are familiar to you. They have appeared in music videos of hip-hop legends like Pharell, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and more. You might have wondered about these vixens identities before, but that's in the p

Have You Seen These 20 Rappers With Makeup Before..? Hilarious!

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A man didn't have to be gay to put some makeup on. Rockers have been doing that before, like Kiss and Alice Cooper. But have you seen rappers wear makeup? Well...you will now! With the help of sophisticated computer modeling algorithms!

There Was Something Terribly Wrong With Victoria Beckham. Wait Until You See It.

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Recently Victoria Beckham hosted a party when her London store's had their first anniversary. After the event, she was spotted leaving with her husband, David. Victoria was caught on cameras and what was noticed on her is shocking.  Here are the pictures

What 15 Musicians in Looked Like In Their First Music Video Vs. Now

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These artists have put their marks in the music industry when they appeared in their first music videos. They gained such a large following after it that some people predicted that they will become the biggest stars of the industry. When you look at these

Everyone Knows These 24 Celebs, But Trust Us - You Never Knew They Became So Fat!!!

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Here are 24 famous stars who started out petite and in great shape only for them to move to something that we have decided to refer to as "pet-eats!"

You Won't Believe These Pop Music's 12 Unbelievable Facts, Woha!

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OMG! Did all these really happen?

These Child Stars Grew Up to Very Sexy!

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Many celebrities started their Hollywood career when they were very young, playing the part of children in films and TV shows. It's hard to tell what someone is going to look like when they grow up, but these child stars matured into very good looking adu

Check Out These Hilarious 14 Celebrity Caricatures

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The art of making a great caricature of a famous face is to exaggerate the most prominent features in a cartoonish and entertaining way. Here are some great examples of funny celebrity caricatures. 

These Breathtaking Rest Houses of Celebrities will Keep You over the Moon.. and Make You Envious!

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They're famous, rich and have luxurious vacation nests across the globe. They have millions (or billions?) of moola to spend and it's not surprising that they splurged on these extravagant properties. Go over the photos and be sure not to drool!

Have You Seen Zac Efron's Cringeworthy MLK Day Post?

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Actor Zac Efron made a post on Twitter on Martin Luther King Day which is a great example of what white people shouldn't do on this occasion. 

She Spent $10,000 to Get a Butt like Kim Kardashian. The Results? Judge Yourself...

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The Kardashians are famous (for some reason) and everyone wants to look like them. This is the story of a woman who actually had fat injected into her buttocks in order to make them look like Kim Kardashian's. Here is the tale of her very expensive vanity

11 Shocking Before and After Photoshop GIFS of Famous Celebrities

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We want to look perfect like celebrities. They have awesome bodies and beautiful faces; but many times, the beauty is just the creation of Photoshop.

17 Celebs Who Did Not Shave Their Armpits To Give A Powerful Message

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Celebrities are known to be role models. Girls around the world look up to them and want to look and sound like them.Female celebrities are trying to make a good example for these kids, and in order to make them think and love the "Natural Look".Girls who