10 Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West!

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When Kanye West was 10 years old, he lived in China with his mother for about a year. His mother was a visiting scholar and he decided to tag along.


Kanye is a huge fan of fashion and clothing. In fact, he has worked with several large companies including Nike and Louis Vuitton. He even managed to sell basic white t-shirts through the French designer brand A.P.C. for $120 a pop.


West invested in a burger restaurant store chain called Fatburger in 2008. He opened two stores in his hometown of Chicago, but was forced to close them in 2011 because they weren't turning profit.


Back in 2007, both Kanye and 50 Cent were going to release an album in the same week. Fifty promised that he would retire if Kanye outsold him. West outsold him by 250,000 copies, but 50 Cent has yet to honor his words.

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