You Won't Believe How The Cast of 'Home Alone' Looks Like Today!

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Can you believe that the film Home Alone came out 25 years ago? That might make you feel old, especially if you watched the movie in your childhood and have nostalgic memories of it. The role of Kevin McCallister was played by Macaulay Culkin, whose fame

Disturbing Photos of Kailyn Lowry Teen Mom Star After Liposuction

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Teen mom star Kailyn Lowry shocked many of her fans by undergoing extensive plaster surgery with a famous surgeon known as “Dr. Miami”. The doctor, whose name is Dr. Michael Salzhauer, is known for snapchatting gruesome photos of his surgeries. Here are a

18 Extraordinary Images Of Celebrities That Will Drive You Nuts If These Will Be Real.

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Die-hard fans of celebrities may have tried this stunt due to their obsession - fusing their features with their idols in order to know if they will yield beautiful or handsome kids. Well, you cannot blame them! Dreaming is free after all. But if dreams d

10 Celebs Living With HIV.. I Had No Idea #6 Was Positive!

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The HIV disease it still something the general public are afraid of. The HIV awareness have increased in the last century, but some prejudice thoughts are still very common, which causes people to stay far away and even to neglect people with HIV. That's

17 Funny Faces That Only Nicolas Cage Could Do

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Nicolas Cage is a famous actor known for his talented portrayals of various roles in movies, where he makes facial expressions that viewers cannot forget - Face Off and The Rock to name a few. These funny faces are hard to duplicate as only Nicolas Cage c

If Celebrities Were Ordinary People, They'll Look Like These..

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See those magazines and billboards where celebrities are obviously retouched by photo editing softwares?! New York-based artist Danny Evans came up with a brilliant idea. Why not edit celebrity photos in ways that they would look like just your ordinary n

These 9 Celebrities Made a Fatal Mistakes on Social Media

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Most celebrities these days have Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts that they use to share updates on their daily lives. Most of the time they use them without incident, but sometimes they make mistakes. Of course, when this happens the error is sha

Remember the Olsen Twins? Here's What They Look Like Now

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Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have grown up as celebrities, with their first role when they were only 6 months old. It's fascinating to watch a child star blossom into an adult and these twins have really carved out their own niche of success. Let's take a l

What Do These Drop Dead Gorgeous Ladies Have to Do with 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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Thousands of fans cheered for their respective teams in the recently concluded FIFA World Cup. Could they be cheering for these hotties too?

An Actor's Real Emotions Exposed on a Photo Shoot. The Question Is WHY?

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Jeremy Cowart was grateful, shocked and he could not help but empathize with one particular actor, John Schneider during the photo shoot for The Haves and the Have Nots . Read on and discover why.

19 Dumb Tweets That Got Us Shaking Our Heads

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In 2015, you would think that people would have gotten smarter about what they tweeted. Fear of becoming a joke of the internet, or simply the clown of their friends and family, perhaps they would think twice before publishing it live. Once again, they p

Is This Woman The Next Kim Kardashian?

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Several women have attempted to steal the spotlight from booty queen Kim K, but they did not succeed in toppling her off her throne. But Kathy Ferreiro might be able to manage that! This twenty-something girl has bootylicious curves that people think make

Selena Gomez Spotted in High Cut Swimsuit, And There Is A Surprise...

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Selena Gomez was recently spotted at the beach wearing a gorgeous high cut swimsuit that showed off her stunning, toned figure. When you look closely at these images, you'll also see that there is a tattoo on her thigh!