She Spent $10,000 to Get a Butt like Kim Kardashian. The Results? Judge Yourself...

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The Kardashians are famous (for some reason) and everyone wants to look like them. This is the story of a woman who actually had fat injected into her buttocks in order to make them look like Kim Kardashian's. Here is the tale of her very expensive vanity:

#1 Marlene Chinea, a 36 year old woman from Miami, Florida, spent $10,000 on a Brazilian butt lift in order to make her butt look more like Kim Kardashian's.

#2 She had tried exercising, but it just wasn't enough to create the body she wanted.

#3 The surgery was done by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is popularly known by the nickname “Dr. Miami.”

#4 For the surgery, Chinea gained weight and then Dr. Miami took four pounds of fat from other areas of her body and injected it into her butt.

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