Some Clever Chap Came Up With An Ingenious Idea To Stop People Littering

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The UK organization Hubbub plans to clean up the streets of London . Coming up with an unique campaign, Hubbub have thought of smart ways to get us throwing our rubbish, instead of leaving it on the street's floor.Using the competitive nature of man, they

18 Puns That Are Just So Corny It Will Force You To Smile

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Pointing out puns is always fun, especially if its so clever that nobody can resist its laughing factor. Then there are jokes that are funny, there are jokes that are impractical, jokes that are bad and once in a while a great one - just like puns. As we

These 23 Tumblr Dashboard Coincidences Made Me Believe On The Power Of Destiny

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Tumblr dashboard coincidences are really amazing don't you agree? You can spend all day just reading them that is, if you have lots of time in your hands! Have you encountered your own already? If not yet, have fun reading other these for now then!

19 Blondes Who Fail so Hard They Make Other Blondes Feel Bad

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We use many stigmas in our everyday life. One of the most popular stigma is to consider blond ladies as dumb, which obviously isn't correct. However, this article proves that some blonds justify this stigma... 

23 Ways To Enjoy A Dip This Summer, Even When You Don't Own A Pool

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Dipping in the pool is one way to get relief from the heat this summer, however, if you don't have a pool that would not be possible! But these people have no problem in putting up one for their immediate use, as they badly want to cool down after a stint

20 of the Most Head-Scratching Traffic Laws You Can Unknowingly Violate

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Imagine yourself driving to a state to visit your relatives, suddenly you get thirsty and you take a quick sip at your canned drink; the police pulls you over and hands you a ticket, what would be your reaction? Yeah, who would have thought taking a drink

23 Hilarious People Who Do YouTube Comments Right!

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Some YouTube comments have a way of getting into your nerves while some tickle your funny bones. Whether they are fake or authentic, YouTube comments can make you LOL like a nut case even when you're alone. Here's the most hilarious comments that people d

24 Tips On How To Understand Women Better

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Men always say that they cannot understand women. They cannot get the mood swings, the silent treatment, and other behavior that make women difficult to read. If you want to dig deep on the truth behind the words and actions of women, then these tips woul

21 Break Up Notes That Will Make You Cry Of...Laughter

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Oftentimes we realize that we wasted our time with that guy or girl and begin to be emotional and even apprehensive when told to "move on" or "find somebody new". So what is this post about? It is about the notes and letters that are used to break-up with

A Pun Here A Pun There, Bad and Good Puns Everywhere!

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Every day is a snowflake, although it has the same 24 hours that we are accustomed to have - the experiences we have in that day is totally different that the one we have the other day. Puns however, are timeless and assuming you get the reference of thes

24 Inappropriate Sticker Placement That Will Make You Grin

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Store staff could be funny sometimes don't you think? They must have been bored to tears methodically placing stickers on books and products for hours with no one to talk to. Well, some of them either have a dirty sense of humor or just want to get ov

When Cartoons Come To Life - See Real Life Twins Of Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

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Whenever we see cartoon, one thing might come in our head, “what if they could come to life”. Our imagination has found the real living and breathing twins of these cartoons.

14 Things Men Do That Women Probably Don't Know About. #9 Is Gross But So True.

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Men are seems to be the more expected species, but some common things men are doing everyday without telling everyone are unbelievable. Check them out, and tell us if you could relate or if you ever heard about any of these! 

The Most Hilarious Comments Ever Done On Facebook

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It's no wonder that people frequent social media sites like Facebook. It is where you can find the best comments from people all around the world. They're funny, weird, and awesome! And you cannot resist laughing at them every time! Especially the

If You Ever Wanted To Revenge On Your Co-Workers, These 15 People Will Tell You How To Do It. LMAO

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Inject fun in the workplace. When your colleagues decide to play a trick on you, don't be mad, okay? Just take it and laugh! Here are some that they might do against you:

Extremely Amusing State Laws That will Totally Change How You'll Look at America (Are They Real?)

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The “home of the brave” and “land of the free”- that's United States of America! Also, it is known as a superpower in our generation today. But, once you find out some system of rules existing in some of its states, you'll probably frown and laugh at the