18 Puns That Are Just So Corny It Will Force You To Smile

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Pointing out puns is always fun, especially if its so clever that nobody can resist its laughing factor. Then there are jokes that are funny, there are jokes that are impractical, jokes that are bad and once in a while a great one - just like puns. As we go on in this journey called "LIFE" we encounter these different jokes, and sometimes we really really endure the bad ones, just cause you know that you will eventually get the good ones sooner or later. Then there are another set of jokes and puns, these are the jokes or puns that are just so bad or sucky that your brain malfunctions and goes to the automatic smile, giggle or snort for a moment in your lifetime. Yep, these are the puns that forces you to smile.

#1 If that was not enough let me add "I thought it was not 2 funny"

#2 That is just bad man, you should be ashame of this pun

#3 This actually has appeal with it, I never thought it would hit the neil.

#4 This one is just annoying and a bit creepy for me anyway

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