20 of the Most Head-Scratching Traffic Laws You Can Unknowingly Violate

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Imagine yourself driving to a state to visit your relatives, suddenly you get thirsty and you take a quick sip at your canned drink; the police pulls you over and hands you a ticket, what would be your reaction? Yeah, who would have thought taking a drink/sip while driving would be illegal anywhere – but it's true! Lawmakers submit weird traffic laws sometimes, and the people have no choice but to follow them – there must be a reason why they made those laws right? Here are some of the most bizarre, annoying and head-scratching traffic laws you can find.

#1 You Can't Tie your Dog on the roof of your car in Alaska

#2 You Can't Run out of gas when you are driving in any Highway in Germany

#3 Didn't Wash your car? here's a ticket.

#4 You can't eat and/or drink while driving in Cyprus.

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