A Pun Here A Pun There, Bad and Good Puns Everywhere!

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Every day is a snowflake, although it has the same 24 hours that we are accustomed to have - the experiences we have in that day is totally different that the one we have the other day. Puns however, are timeless and assuming you get the reference of these one-liners? Well, you are going to have a good day that started with a little laugh, chuckled or giggle. In effect, puns are really small little gifts that you can give to your fellow human beings making their day a little lighter. Here are 17 of the puns that you can have, some are good, some are bad? But all them are for all our amusement. Have fun yo!

#1 Yes you are, especially when you are spread all over me (pun intended)

#2 I guess you really have foiled my plan; I would just have to unwrap the solution! (bad pun)

#3 Oh you meant play-doh! I really did not get his one at first - note: it is a bad pun

#4 This one got a friendly little snort from me, sleevery, get it? sleevery, hilarious!

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