Extremely Amusing State Laws That will Totally Change How You'll Look at America (Are They Real?)

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The “home of the brave” and “land of the free”- that's United States of America! Also, it is known as a superpower in our generation today. But, once you find out some system of rules existing in some of its states, you'll probably frown and laugh at the same time. Why? Go through this list and you'll know the answer.

#1 Alaska

Killing bears is okay, but disrupting their sleep is against the law. So,don't dare!

#2 California

Go cycling anywhere except in the swimming pool. Does this make sense?

#3 Connecticut

Connecticut local have high standard on pickles. They are pickles only if they do some rebounds after hitting a surface.

#4 Florida

Do not leave an elephant along a parking meter if you don't want to shell out the same amount of money you pay for car parking.

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