21 Most Outrageous Selfies

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But first...let me take a selfie.

23 Wacky Girls' Underwear That Nerds Love To Own!

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Do you agree that you can tell a girl's character based on her underwear? But that's something not all people have the privilege of knowing! Unless you stalk her to check out her laundry, you'll never know! If it's a nerd girl you want to know more, she m

Hilarious Girl Breaks Down What These Common Snapchat Photos REALLY Mean

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When people take snapchat photos they often are trying to send a message, whether it is subconscious or not. Of course, no one would ever admit what the meaning behind their snapchat photos might be. A funny blogger named Holly Carpenter has revealed the

Woman Recreates Hilarious Celebrity Instagram Pics

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Please meet the Australian comedian Celeste Barber, which her daily mission is to make fun of random celebrities who pose in awkward positions.She wants the world to grasp how ridiculous those celebrities instagram photos are, and her message to those cel

13 Creative Ways To Use The 'Scream Cam' in Your Roller Coaster Ride

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Most of us have highlights in our childhood, that memorable birthday celebration, first kiss, first date with someone special and almost all of us have that time when our parents or relative brought us to the amusement park; over and over we wanted to go

Divorce Cakes Are a Thing, And They Are Hilarious!

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It's not only baptisms, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and achievements that need cakes as a part of the celebration, divorce too! Divorce means freedom, freedom from anything related to marriage like husband, last name, responsibilities, etcetera an

These 17 Grammar Fails Will Make You Laugh For Whole Day! #7 Is So Embarrassing...

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Grammar is the tough thing for many who don't speak English as their first language, but people having it as their native language are also not very different sometimes.

How About These Most Awesome Cakes Ever For Your Perfect Wedding..?

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Wedding is a big, special day for engaged couples. The future brides and grooms look, as much as possible, for the best ceremony venue, gowns and suit, tasty food, nice souvenirs.. Oh and how about the cake?! We've great suggestions for them here!

You won't Believe These Gross Halloween Costumes That Kids Wore (Mom and Dad, Please Don't let Them Wear These ever Again!)

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Halloween may be spooky. But, when little ones come celebrating this occasion with adorable costumes, the result is amusing! Even so, parents commit an epic fail when dressing their kiddos up sometimes. Better look at the pics and learn from the bad grade

Don't let these kids be your rule model, You'll definite lose! Learn the basics of playing hide and seek.

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Playing hide and seek is one of the most famous games among children. But as they say, there could always be exemptions to the rule. Here are 20 children who might need coaches to excel in the game.

#19 Hilarious Quotations By Mitch Hedberg That Will Give You a Good Laugh

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Mitch Hedberg might have left the Earthly world already, but his philosophical quotes will always live. Here are some of his hilarious quotes that will make you laugh.

OMG! I Didn't Know Product Names Could Be So Dirty!

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Some companies especially the non-English ones do not research very well. If they are planning to export their products into other countries, they should have ensured that people there will be able to understand what products they are selling and what are

Worst Portrait Tattoos That Will Make You Hate The Artist!

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Wanted to have that special portrait tattooed on your body to express your love and dedication... But, when you have a trying hard artist... Well, there's just no horrible way to tarnish that memory of a loved one like a horrible portrait tattoo...

Hilarious Witness Lords of Wasting Time

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Some people barely have time for themselves while some people have amazingly all the time in world.