Some Clever Chap Came Up With An Ingenious Idea To Stop People Littering

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The UK organization Hubbub plans to clean up the streets of London . Coming up with an unique campaign, Hubbub have thought of smart ways to get us throwing our rubbish, instead of leaving it on the street's floor.Using the competitive nature of man, they harness the will to clean up by doing something else, like voting a poll on who is the best football player with  cigarette buds.

#1 Looks like it's working well

The organization Hubbub : “Our public polling discovered that a staggering 86 per cent of people think littering is a disgusting habit yet only 15 per cent of us would actually confront someone and tell them that,”

#2 There is even one for cricket fans

“This is why from May to October we're trialling a new approach to tackling littering on Villiers Street, Westminster, using the latest thinking on behaviour change and awareness raising from around the world.”

#3 Using gum as a game is brilliant

#4 Guess how much...

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