When Cartoons Come To Life - See Real Life Twins Of Our Favorite Cartoon Characters

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Whenever we see cartoon, one thing might come in our head, “what if they could come to life”. Our imagination has found the real living and breathing twins of these cartoons.

#1 Carl Fredricksen - “Up”

This guys looks exactly like Mr. Carl from movie “Up”. It will freak me out if he's also a salesman of balloons, his age is 78 and he is thinking to use balloons to move his house and fulfill his wife's dream of seeing South America!

#2 Merida - “Brave”

This girl looks like Princess Merida from the Pixar movie “Brave”. I bet her mother won't let her go alone into the woods to avoid the little incident called “turning your mom into the bear”.

#3 Shaggy Rogers - “Scooby Doo”

Hey Shaggy where's Scooby Doo? But seriously if this guy is anything like the cartoon Shaggy, next time you might prefer not to call him on dinners and lunches.

#4 Linguini - “Ratatouille”

This guy is a complete copy and paste version of Linguini from movie “Ratatouille”. One could only imagine if his pet rat could cook better than him.

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