20 Super Relaxing Hot Springs Perfect For Your Next Vacation

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If you like relaxing on vacations, there is nothing better to be than in hot springs around the world. I mean, just imagine yourself submerge in warm water, you could almost swear that all of stress and worries in your life are fading away - especially when the hot spring comes with a tranquil and refreshing environment, you will truly feel like you are in a piece of heaven. Are you convinced yet? Well, here are some pictures to further convince you in going to a hot spring in your next vacation - who knows, you might want to go to these hidden paradises!

#1 Costa Rica's Arenal Hot Springs are truly divine and tranquil; you can feel the relaxation just looking at the picture

#2 Japan's Jigokudani Monkey Park is where you will relax with the monkeys on the hot spring on a snow covered atmosphere

#3 This is Kiraly Bath in Budapest where a rustic style public hot spring can be found, truly elegant

#4 Cold in Colorado? Visit the Strawberry Hot Springs where you can relax with your friends

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