Having The Beauty Of The Fairy Lands From The Story Books, These Towns Are Truly Heaven On Earth

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Nature holds great beauty and these towns show that magnificence at full. These towns may look like the illustrations in the story books but they are real.

#1 Yangshuo Town

Located in northeast of Guangxi, China, this town borders Li River on one side and beautiful mountains on other side.

#2 Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore is the first village of the Cinque Terre, Italy. It has been here since early thirteenth century.

#3 Gasadalur Village

Located on the west-side of Vágar, Faroe Islands, the villlage got this name after as woman called Gæsa, who during the Lent fast, ate meat. In 2012, the village had the population of only 18 people.

#4 Manarola

Located in Italy, this town is the second smallest of all the Cinque Terre towns. It has the church that was built in 1338.

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