Magnificent Views Plus Amazing Food = These Places Should Come To Mind

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Are you looking for a romantic restaurant? How about a sight that you would marvel while you are eating amazing food? Don't you wish you can have both? Well, you might as well get a pen and paper and write all these places down before your jaws drop and be unable to move! Here are some of the most wonderful restaurants that features the most magnificent sights along with their sumptuous dining experience. You will definitely put these places/restaurants in your bucket list. I mean just look at those spectacular views. One could even wonder if you can still eat after being enchanted by these amazing views; I am sure your jaws will definitely drop if you are able to go to this places.

#1 The view from Le Jules Verne in Paris, Franch; it is indeed very romantic

#2 Whenever you are in Hong Kong, try Tosca in Kowloon and bask in this magnifcent view

#3 There is always somewhere much closer to home, just like Asiate in New York.

#4 Nature Lover? Bring your significant otehr to Dasheen in St. Lucia in the West Indies

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