The Most Breath Taking Photograph Of Snail World in Fantastic Display

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Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko has set his eyes on the plain and ordinary things in life which are often neglected and taken for granted such as the simple details of the small living things' habitat like that of the amphibians, mollusks, insects, and reptiles. Mishchenko's unnoticed intrusion into the private lives of these creatures has gleaned such a wonderful showcase of beauty and kaleidoscope of hues. Scroll down and take pleasure in the following parade of the snails' intricate moments.

#1 Reaching Out

See the silent communication between the snail on the top of the tiny mushroom, the fruit, and the dew drop.

#2 Clear Bubble

The curious creature is enjoying its reflection on the clear and shiny bubble.

#3 Pink Wave

This tiny creature is probably unaware of the glorious pink wave it is treading on.

#4 Sheer Shield

A wonderful umbrella-like leaf shelters this tiny thing from nature's threat.

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