These is what you will see when you explore the World's Largest Caves; Simply Amazing!

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Ever wonder what a underground river that runs through a mountain with lime stones inside over the years? Here it is, This is the Son Doong Cave, considered to be the largest cave in the world. This cave is found in Vietnam, particularly in the Quang Binh province. The river slowly eroded the lime stone of the mountains for over 2-5 million years and made this amazingly large cave. The entrance was discovered due to the ceiling of the cave collapsing, this cave is so large that even a 40-story building can fit and then some. So, if you ever want to adventure in caves, make sure that the Son Doong Cave is on your Bucket-List for cave exploring.

#1 YOu need to be slowly let down hanging in a rope to enter the cave; scary but awesome!

#2 The underground river is still present and it looks even more amazing, with its clear waters inviting you to swim

#3 The pockets of rivers gives you a look of separate pools combined with amazing rock formations above - simply awe-inspiring

#4 This is the look from below when you enter the cave, it's like you decended from heaven

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