These Men Travelled Down The Deepest Cave On Earth. What They Saw Will Leave You Speechless

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This cave is far from any caves you have ever seen in your life. Known as the deepest cave on earth, it does not only attract adventure-seekers but it also fires up the curiosity of explorers and scientists. Given its seemingly immeasurable depth, most of them wonder what sits below its surface. This group of men is about to find out.

#1 These men look as if they are preparing for a death-defying experience.

Kubrera cave, also called Voronya cave, is the deepest known cave in the world. It can be found in Abakhazia, Georgia. Most adventure-seekers travel here to test the danger of its thrill. Look at this group of men who seem like they are preparing for a death-defying experience.

#2 That opening surely looks shallow but looks can be deceiving.

Krubrera cave isn't called as such for nothing. The difference between its shallow opening and its deepest surface is 7,208 feet, so don't be fooled. Looks can be deceiving.

#3 Exploration might take more or less 27 days so prepare for darkness.

In 2012, a group of explorers spent 27 days exploring the Krubrera cave. Imagine living in darkness that long. It's scary.

#4 That looks like a real adventure!

Krubrera cave's depth looks insane! Consider a real adventure when you travel deep down in darkness.

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