This Guy Took "Log Cabins" To The Next Level

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This cabin takes the term “log cabin” to a whole new level; this vision is designed by a Piet Hein Eek for Hans Liberg a Dutch artist. The outer wall is wood covered with plastic and steel framing giving a “stack of logs” look that from a distance would really fool anyone. Hans uses the cabin as his very solemn and private recording studio. The cabin is complete with panoramic windows that lets natural light in the cabin which gives the inside a very cozy feel. The cabin might be a bit small when compared to other cabins, but it is compensated by the very amazing feeling you will get in this very cozy and very private room in the wilderness.

#1 Is that a stack of logs?

#2 What are those lines?

#3 What? they are windows!

#4 amazing camouflage of a cabin

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