You'll Get Puzzled How They Come up with These Animal Names…They are Absolutely Misleading!

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Nowadays people are being baptized by with weird names, thanks to our equally weird parents. Sometimes you can hardly identify whether a certain name belongs to a girl or a boy or neither. But aside from the people having weird names these days, animals too have names that are quite misleading of what they really are. Your mind will be blown with these following animals once you know what they really look like; it is absolutely way different than their names.

#1 Fyling Lemurs

They are definitely not lemurs and they also don't have wings to use for flying, weird isn't? They are locally known as colugos and they are closely related to primates but have features and nocturnal habits of lemurs.

#2 Australian Shepherd

This lovely breed of dog is definitely not from Australia, they are originally bred in Europe. The Australian Shepherd name came from a close relationship breed called Australian Basque because of its features.

#3 Hedgehog

This cute creature has no relation whatsoever with hogs. Although, some of its physical features look like one, but the species where they belong are way too different.

#4 Red Panda

Well it's true that this animal's color is red, but this animal does not have any relationship with Pandas. I would say, they have similarities with raccoons but definitely not with a Panda.

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