10 Awesome Fashion Hacks Everyone Need To Know Read more at: https://tr.im/SBruF

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Fashion hacks are key in saving time and money while looking as best and as fashionable as you possibly can.  Set new type of trend ; the cheap and easy one. Fashion hacks can also be used in order to get rid of hard to remove stains with ease. Here are our best 10, enjoy.

#1 If you want your Jeans to look fresh you can freeze it, after it gets de-frozen it will look fresh again.

#2 Want to make your bra strips look better? How about using this trick.

#3 Oil was spilled on your favorite shirt? No worries, using baby powder in the area to remove it easily.

#4 Ohh No, wine was spilled! The best move to make is to add salt to soak most of the wine to make the stain easier to remove.

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