14 Things Your Girlfriend Wants, But is Too Shy to Ask You For...

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Many women think about things that they would like from their significant other, but are too shy to ask about it. Perhaps you can get the hint and try to fulfill what your lady desires. Here are a few of the freaky things that your woman might love, but might be afraid to ask you about. 

#1 Blindfolded Foreplay

Many women love the kinky idea of being blindfolded and teased, but she might not bring it up. Why not suggest it and see what she thinks?

#2 Playful restraints

She might love to be tied up and teased with some fuzzy handcuffs, which can be a really sexy form of play.

#3 Taking Photos

Whether nude or clothed, many women love it when you take sexy photos of them because it makes them feel beautiful.

#4 Make a Sexy Video

She might want to capture some of your sexy moments together on video.

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