20 Amazing And Thought-Provoking Sculptures Around The World

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When someone talks about statues or sculptures, you automatically think of national heroes that won wars or have done significant deeds. However, there are so many amazing sculptures and statues in the world that speaks volumes and has very deep meaning in and itself. While looking at these sculptures, you will suddenly think of the meaning behind it and find a brand new perspective of things around you. These sculptures remind us of times that are past, times to come and will make you ponder on the progress of things. Truly these artworks are thought-provoking

#1 The Sinking Library Building in Melbourne, Australia - Makes you think about the decreasing appreciation on books

#2 Man hanging by his grip in Prague, Czech Republic - Are we all just hanging on for our dear lives?

#3 Lithuania's Black Ghost in Klaipeda - reminding people of their own black ghosts

#4 Romania's Mihai Eminescu in Onesti projects a face of a man when looked at a certain angle

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