Check Out The Best Baked Potato Guide On The Internet!

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Who doesn't love a warm, comforting baked potato? It's a healthy meal that is very good for you and will satisfy your hunger, keeping you energised for hours. There's always the ordinary way of making a baked potato, but have you ever tried this innovative method? Give it a try and you will make a potato that is yummier than anything you've ever tasted!

#1 Begin by slicing off the top of the raw potato.

#2 Then, cut rings around the inside with a small knife.

#3 Cut the sides of the potato and leave a small uncut circle at the bottom. You can use your thumb to measure it.

#4 When you flip over the potato, it will look like this. You might need to make the cuts deeper, which you can do know before you move on to the next step.

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