Mother And Daughter Spend £56,000 On Surgery To Become Katie Price

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Ladies, what were you thinking to yourselves? The only winners from this story is the plastic surgeons... Why all the girls want to become a Barbie doll? 

#1 The Lady Who Sparked It All - Katie Price

Please meet Katie Price, the idol of our story ladies. Katie is a real British beauty, famous TV figure, movie actress and a model.

#2 What About The Surgeries Costs?

Since Kayla turned 18, she works as a stripper. Rest assured, this job was her main income to cover those surgeries costs. Moreover, she found some lovely sugar-daddy who spent tons of money on her... What a lovely plan!

#3 The Proud Mother

Please meet the proud and happy mother - Georgina Clarke, a 39 year old who pays her bills thanks to ... her daughter stripping job. Unbelievable.

#4 Tedious Maintenance Job

Kayla visit the tanning bed once a month, her plastic doctors every 6 moths, need to enhance her lips with botoks every couple of weeks, and many other beauty treatments.

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