Think Your Life Is Tough..? Just Watch This Armless Mother And Her Son With Unbelievable Abilities

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Holt-Oram syndrome, also known as Heart-Hand syndrome, is a rare condition that targets the formation of human bones. It is an abnormality of the upper limbs and mostly extends to the heart. Linda Bannon, is one of those who have been diagnosed with this disorder. Despite her condition, she has shown to the world that nothing can shake her faith and resilience by always rising to the challenge. Every day, she wakes up and chooses to accept her life with a more understanding heart. One day, Linda's strength was again tested when her son Timmy was born with the same disorder.

#1 Linda has always been Timmy's arms whenever he needs help.

#2 She never treats her condition as an excuse from her every day duties, even if it means washing the dishes using her feet.

#3 Linda has found true love through her husband, Rich who accepts and loves her more every single day.

#4 So in 2004, they made a vow to always live a life filled with love for each other.

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