This Young Girl Story Can Be A Best Seller Horror Movie....And Yes, It's Real...

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If the great Stephen King would be looking for a talented successor, this little girl has definitely made the cut. Her story about Lisa, an imaginary friend, is so chilling, it might even scare the hell out of everyone. Read her story below and remember never to upset Lisa or else...

#1 You can't see Lisa but she can see you.

This is Lisa, her imaginary friend. You can't see her but remember never to speak a word against her. She can see you.

#2 Lisa's dad also sleeps in the backyard so be careful not to wake him up.

If you think Lisa roams alone around the house, you are wrong. Lisa's dad also sleeps in the backyard so be careful when you do your gardening, you might just wake him up.

#3 It won't hurt to pretend that you do see her.

Though, you might not want to appear like you're out of your mind, pretending that you do see her won't hurt a bit.

#4 It might sound horrifying but Lisa is a great playmate.

Who needs playmates when you have an imaginary friend who can stay and play with you whenever you want to? The idea might sound horrifying but this kid certainly doesn't mind.

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