What Does A Mole On Your Body Say About Your Personality?

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Moles are a good way to tell a person's persona ,as it is known that fingernails ,the palm lines, and smile shape have got something related to our personality, the moles and their locations on the different parts of the body can also tell a lot about who we are and why. In fact, The location of the mole can determine who you are, was and what you can become just by knowing what role that mole has with it's location.

#1 A mole on the chin or the mouth:

Moles on the mouth can be a sign of beauty beyond comprehension . Those with moles located on the chin and mouth are usually known to lead a balanced life.

#2 A mole on the right part of your forehead:

Wealth, success and fame are all connected to those who share this mole.

#3 A mole located on the cheek:

The side location is key for this type of mole. For the right side it shows how sensitive you can be. If it's on the left one, it shows how a person can be an introvert.

#4 A mole on the nose:

Most of the people with nose moles will be short tempered and flirty. They will stop that attitude when they meet their true love.

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