He Got Grounded Because Of His Sister. His Revenge? The Cruelest I've Ever Seen!

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Her brother was grounded by their parents for hiding a 12 pack of beer in his room. He was so furious at his sister for tattling on him, that he decided to seek revenge. He snooped in her diary and uploaded her “hook up list” on Facebook so that everyone

She Traps Her Face In Pantyhose. The Reason Is Just Amazing!

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Might be an eyebrow raiser at first, but the pantyhose is used in order to make an amazing make up costume that anyone can make. And those who want to wait for Halloween are welcomed, but you know.. Every day can be good enough for a costume party.

Wearing Yoga Pants Is NOT So Awesome Anymore And Here's Why

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Yoga pants are flexible pants who fit your form. Yoga pants are designed for physical activities like gym workouts and of course for yoga practice. The flexible qualities, the ability to stretch and bend where other pants won't make them ideal for workout

Items you would definitely get if you have a 3D printer - Can't Wait !!!

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Technology has really come so far, from the simple abacus and stone writings - we have come to high tech computers and printers that can print three dimensional things. Yes, three dimensional objects - we can now print it from our super powered computers

These 22 Things May Not Be Vital For Your Survival But They Are Really Cool!

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You may not need these things right now but these inventions would be great to own - if you have the extra cash! Why not take a look at them first and pick what you want? You'll never know, you might win the lottery tomorrow!

It's Amazing How This Woman Conquered Her Obesity!

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Mayra Rosales finally put down her foot and decided to lose the excessive weight that kept her chained to her bed for several years. She had grown so huge that she cannot lift herself up from bed or bathe without the help of her family. Her efforts have p

These 80's And 90's Candies Will Give You Toothache But...They Were The Best!

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If you'll ask adults right now what are the best candies they've ever tasted - bet they'll tell you, the 80's and 90's! Well, that's their opinion! You'll never know if they're telling the truth because candies like these are already instinct. They're jus

Infinity Tattoos In Fantastic Renditions

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One of the most common designs in tattoos is the infinity symbol. You may be amazed at how tattoo artists have creatively made variations of this symbol. I'm sure the owners of these tattoos are greatly pleased by the results.

9 Simple Rubber Band Uses That You May Want To Adopt Straightaway

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Rubber bands are commonly used to hold things together but they can do more. Here are 9 easy rubber band hacks that you should use to ease your life.

A Soldier Discovered His Wife Cheated on Him with 60 Men. His Revenge? Outrageous!

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If you found out that your significant other was lying to you and seeing someone behind your back, you would be devastated and furious. You would be even more upset if they did it while you were in the army fighting for their freedom. Now, imagine that yo