20 Unbelievable Facts Little Known Of One Of The Greatest Thing In The World-Our Body

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For those who haven't figure this one yet, our human bodies are so amazing! There are tons of things that we can do that animals of this world cannot even imagine! From the revolutionary opposable thumb to the many amazing features of the brain. Our body also has the amazing ability of adaptability and of course technology! We are more than a cut above the smartest animal in our planet and with that comes the responsibility of protecting it. Not only the planet should be taken care of, but also our bodies - with the most amazing and durable qualities of the human body, it is also one of the most fragile ones on earth. Kind of an irony nature made, right?

#1 This must be the reason why so many dies when you shoot them on the foot, in videogames!

#2 I wonder what happens when the brain does not erase those images, do we see the "paranormal"?

#3 This is one of the amazing features of our eyes, never take them forgranted folks

#4 They are good guy cells; let us honor their sacrifice by taking care of our bodies

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