Interesting Facts About Poop That You've Probably Never Want To Know About

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I am not sure why the team decided to make a list of these facts about poop, but they did. So, here are interesting facts about poop that will captivate your attention and make you say "eeww" at the same time. Make sure to read it up until the last list.

#1 Moon's Stinking Secret

Well, before Neil Armstrong and his team started their flight going back to earth, they were generous enough to the moon to left 4 bags of astronaut poop as a souvenir. Lol!

#2 Parrot Fish's dirty little secret

Wonder where those white sands from small island and beaches came from? Well,a portion of it was caused by Parrot Fish. When a Parrot fish eats coral, it poops sand and viola! You now have sandy beach, thanks to this fish's poop! LOL!

#3 Healing Poop

Some doctors are using poop as a magic potion to treat some health condition. How? Doctors are transplanting poop from healthy people into the stomachs of people with certain illnesses, and it is healing them at a rate of 91-98.

#4 NFL's Mudpie

Larry Izzo of New England Patriots NFL once took a dump while on the game and even got the game ball for his trouble! Seriously, no one even noticed what he was doing, but it is disgusting!

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