The Perfect Guide To What Your Children Might Look Like

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#1 Stong & Weak Genes

The stronger the gene is the better chances it has to be a dominant one and take over the look. You have a bigger chance to have a kid with dark skin or dark hair if it is mixed with weaker ones. If you are with a dark skin and a wide chin, and marry a blond, more likely the kid will have dark hair.

#2 The DNA

the genetic attributes of his or her parents with the "battle" of strong vs weak genes in play. Even though your stronger genes have a bigger chance to "win", it's not always like that. This is why human kind is not looking the same.

#3 Genetic predictions with the help of science.

We live in a world so advanced in genetic studies, we can actually able to predict the look of a person by his strands of DNA. Bone structure is determined by the location of the person. As you can see, the computer application almost got the same look as the original.

#4 Inherited Physical Characteristics

In most combinations, the dominant genes are more likely to take over the recessive genes and make the child with their characteristics.

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