We are already living in the Science-Fiction Future of the Past, here are some futuristic devices as proof!

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Remember when you ogled at science fiction films and sometimes James Bond films to look for futuristic devices and gadgets that people use (or imagine they will use) in the future? Well, you don't have to look for them in movies anymore (where mostly camera tricks were done, a long time ago), they are already here in the present! Believe it or not we are already living in the imagined (science fiction filled) future of the past! Here are some of the most awesome devices that people from the previous 2 decades would never believe were real, well, they imagined it and inspired the new generations of inventors to make our life easier, smarter, cooler and let's face it – Life today is more awesome!

#1 We already have Aerodynamic Big Rig Trucks that carry tons and tons of weight that people form the trucking industry of the past would salivate while looking

#2 Remember movies like bionic man, robocop and even the not so recent G.I Joe and their robotic exoskeletons that enhance soldier's performance? Well here they are, I'm still waiting for Iron Man.

#3 Don't you wish that your car would drive yourself to work? Apparently, you can with this self-driving car.

#4 Spying, aerial vide surveillance and many more; they are now realistically possible with this Remote-Controlled Drones, well, they already existed for so long

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