Welcome To The Mad and Weird World of Alternative Sports - Join and Play at Your Own Risk!

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From around the globe, millions of people watch or play basketball, football and other mainstream sports. In some other parts of the world, there are some sports that are simply bizarre and just plain weird to most people. But these are quite fun even if these events are very unconventional. These alternative sports are located everywhere from Asia to Europe.

#1 The Ultimate Challenge in Ironing Sports

There is an actual sports commission that oversee this ironing event. Ironing dressed in a tuxedo while standing in sub zero water is an extreme challenge indeed.

#2 Polo in the Snow

This snow polo sport was imported from Switzerland. You can watch this sport in Aspen, Colorado.

#3 Kaninhop - A Bunny Race

If you want to see these furry and cute rabbits jumping through obstacles - Sweden is the place for you. This bunny race is cuter to watch than horses.

#4 Hockey Underwater - Not as Easy as it Looks

Underwater hockey is a new but exciting pool sports. A lot of people know this sport by another name - "Octopush".

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